Thursday, June 28, 2012

A New Adventure

In my 39 years of life I have been to 15 states within the continental US and 2 countries. My life has been an adventure in many ways and starting a blog and establishing a Twitter account is no less an adventure as my travels have been.

For the most part I feel computers are a neccessary evil and I find that the more time I spend at my computer the less time I connect, REALLY connect, with people. Which, being a minister, is a very important thing for me to do.  So it has come as no surprise to myself that I have resisted creating a blog (which means more time at my computer) and setting up a Twitter account. As I continue to network with other ministers and Christian organizations, I find many that I want to follow and most have, you guessed it, a Twitter account. Alas, I have succumbed to getting a twitter account @revadele.

So why a blog? When I began working at my current place of employment, part of my job was to post weekly devotions for staff to read on the company's intranet page. One co-worker remarked how much they liked my posts and they wished others could read them. My first thought to myself, "No, I don't want to set up a blog. It is such an easy escape for an introvert like me." (YES, I am an introvert. I am sure this is a surprise to those who know me) Then other co-workers shared with me the easiness of getting my devotionals out to staff via a blog rather than through the company's intranet. As a person who prefers efficiency at work I love the sound of ease and know that I am more apt to read something if it is easy and simple to access. If something takes to long to access on the internet I am quick to leave the page and move onto something else.

Now I have this blog aptly titled, "Figuring it out as I go... The confessions, thoughts and struggles of a woman living life as a follower of Christ." My prayer and hope is that this site can be a place of familiarity for many where they find common ground on a multitude of issues. As I continue to grow and discover my ministerial identity and what my ministry will look like, a blog and twitter acount will now be a part of it.

When Christ spoke the great commission to his disciples, I wonder if he knew that one day his word would go out all over the world though websites, blogs and online newspapers. So this is my new adventure, to proclaim the good news to all who would read this blog, as an extension of my ministry.