Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Last Words

A week ago I finished a bible study series, with my youth, on the Seven Deadly Sins. Each week we met there was a confession time. Week to week the response to the confession time changed but was always centered around the forgiveness that comes from God. We have since started an accountability group where we meet weekly, confess our sins, then say; "In the name of Jesus Christ I forgive you."
My post today is a personal confession to you and a commitment.
First follow me on an exercise:
Thank about the political party you identify with: Democrat, Republican or Independent
(Stay with me here okay)
What issues are important to you?
Who on the opposite side of the political spectrum makes you angry, that doesn't understand you, that you feel threatens what is important to you.
(We all have at least one. We live in a politically divided country)
I know who one of my opposites of the political system is. He has angered me, made me feel less than and I have felt he does not understand me. And yet last night he challenged me, convicted me and gave me hope in less than 10 minutes. Below is a video I watched last night of Glenn Beck's Monologue in his studio. See, I have felled miserably when it comes to loving my neighbor, especially my Republican neighbor. All I can see is the difference and all I focus on is the difference. I have contributed to the political divide in this country and I don't like it. I am sorry for that and I want to change.
Before you scroll down to see the video you should know something. Glen Beck is unable to speak. He has learned that his vocal cords are paralyzed. But that did not stop him from revealing himself and his changed heart. He has opened his mind and heart to see things in a new. To see things from his opposite in the political system and it has endeared me to him. This video will challenge everyone who watches it, and that is good. When ever we become confident and secure in what we believe we need to be shaken up, and God is good at doing that. God did that to me last night with this video. so without delay, take the next 10 minutes to watch this video.

If Glenn Beck can change, then so can I, and you can too if you want to.
If I was to lose my voice tomorrow my last words would be:
"I Love You"
Why those words?
One, because I do. When I dig down deep I do love my neighbor, I just need to move past the political divide to uncover it.
Second, this world needs a lot more love. So no more good byes or see you later. If you work with me, you will hear me say, "I love you" Because if I lose my voice tomorrow that is what I want people to know.