Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spiritual Health Insurance

In April I started attending a yoga class once a week. I had 2 reasons for starting a yoga class:

1) Start an exercise regimen to lose weight
2) Start an exercise regimen that would not hurt my back but also help relieve the symptoms of sciatica.

Since then it has become so much more than that. Now don't get me wrong, I have lost weight and yoga has done wonders for my back pain and sciatica but it has also helped me to be much more calm and less stressed. Though yoga makes you sweat a lot I always feel refreshed after the class is over. I have never been tired or exhausted after the hour long class. For the longest time I could not figure that part out.

About a week or so ago, during yoga class, the instructor talked about how the sweat is the bodies way of releasing toxins that are inside our bodies. When she said this I immediately thought about Jesus and how he drove demons and unclean spirits from people. This class was just on the heels of the Affordable Care Act being upheld by the Supreme Court so I already had insurance on my brain and thought how Jesus is our Spiritual Insurance. We all know the importance of diet and exercise to be healthy and prevent diseases and when we do get sick we go to the doctor to be treated so we can get better, "to remove the toxins from our bodies"

So, how often do we go to God for healing? For physical, mental and spiritual healing? Jesus was many things to many people when he walked this earth. To the little boy brought to Jesus by his father, the woman with the bleeding disorder and the man possessed by a demon, Jesus was a healer. For by their faith he cleansed their body that was filled with toxins and they were well when they departed from him. For all of us who are sinners he is a redeemer, for by his death we have been forgiven. Through and by Jesus we know that God is in the business of healing us in every way, physical, mentally and spiritually.

As I said above, yoga has not only helped me to lose weight and help relieve the pain from my back but I have also felt better physically. Yoga is tough, ask anyone who does it but the result is a feeling of well-being because the toxins have left your body by the time the class is over.

If we want to feel better from what makes us feel bad and or sick then at a minimum we need the Spiritual Health Insurance that comes from God. (And a yoga class won't hurt you either)