Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In Memoriam

On this day eleven years ago, it was a Tuesday and one of two days I had class. I was sitting in the student lounge @ the Divinity School @ Campbell University. I had arrived to school early to finish a paper for my afternoon class. I wanted to complete it before our weekly chapel service @ 10:50 am. A classmate came into the lounge and said, "Did you hear that a plain crashed into one of the twin towers?" My eyes went wide opened and my jaw dropped. I couldn't say anything, I was unable to say anything. Someone found a radio and we turned it on. As we listened to reporters we learned of the 2nd plane hitting the other twin tower. At that point we all new this was more than and accident. I remember feeling scared and numb all at the same time. As all of us went to chapel there was an Erie silence that was deafening. Our Director of Admissions stood before the student body and said, "Our nation has been attacked." As I write these wrods it is still sobering to think about.

I imagine if I asked everyone I see today where were you 11 years ago today most could recall it as clear as I have. It has been 11 years, one year more than a decade and it still affects me. I don't think it will ever NOT affect me.

Last week when I was on vacation someone hit my bumper while I was parked in a grocery store parking lot. I called my insurance company and the next day a claim representative called me to say she had scheduled an appointment for my car to be seen and the damagesbe  assessed. She told me where I was going and that the appointment was on Tuesday, September 11. I paused. I always pause when I here September 11. I know people whose birthday is September 11. They have never said how they deal with that and I wonder how I would.

All I know is that I am thankful for all the firefighters, policemen and port authority employees who went they day to save whomever they could. I will remember all the lives who died that day and the people they left behind.

Take time to remember and honor those who sacrificed that day and those who are no longer with us because of the events on that day.

God Bless us All.