Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Giving Thanks

Today I turn 40 years old and I give God thanks for these 40 years of life. I know that some people cringe each year they get older and some just stop ageing at a certain point but I give thanks. I do because I know those who die well before their time.

In high school I lost 2 friends to drunk drivers. Not long after graduating high school in 1991 I lost another classmate to murder. Since 1991 more classmates have died either to illness, crime or accidents and they do not get lost on me. The year I worked in a hospital I will not forget the 39 year old woman who lost her battle to cancer. I also will not forget the 21 year old and the 26 year old who also lost their battle to cancer or the 9 year old girl who died from a car accident. I know that each year I am blessed with is a gift. Each year, month, week, day, hour and each minute is a gift from God.

As I turn 40 today I pray that I have used my life to show love, mercy and grace to others as God has shown to me. And in gratitude to the life God has given me I will commit myself again to proclaiming Christ's death and resurrection to all I encounter.

Thank you Lord for 40 years. May you bless me with 40 more. Amen.