Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What is a family?

What is a family? Most people would probably say that it is 2 parents, 2.5 children and maybe a pet. I would have said that myself but in my lifetime I have seen family that existed outside the norm stated above and I witnessed it last night and this morning.

See, HopeTree family services has suffered a loss. One of our adult residents for 20+ years lost his battle with cancer on Friday. Last night was the visitation and this morning we remembered him and what he meant to all of us. Here at HopeTree's DDM program adults become family for one another. What I witnessed last night and this morning among the residents and staff was love, care and support. That for me is what family is about. And I dare say that is how God has designed it to be. See, family isn't about blood or even a nuclear family with 2 parents. Family can be aging people with staff that care for them, and even thought the staff may be younger they take the role of parents, friend become brothers and sisters, all because of love.

I want to take this time to thank the staff of RCC in Salem for the care they showed Teddy in his final days and I want to thank ll of our DDM staff who care for our wonderful and amazing adults int he program. You inspire me to open my heart a little more and to care deeply for our guys and gals in DDM. Thank you and God bless you.