Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Problem

So much has been going on in our world and in my own life that I have really be pondering the following question:

What is wrong with humanity?

I have come up with a preliminary answer. Please know by no means is this the final answer or event he only answer but I thought I would answer my own question and invite others to share their thoughts and other possible answers to the above question.

Answer: We think we can and/or should be perfect.

If we think that we can and/or should be perfect then we assume that of others and inevitably place to high of expectations on others.

Ever been disappointed by a family member or friend? You know that feeling. You getting angry first, then self-righteous and depending on how you handle difficulty you either write that person out of your life or you realize you place that person on a pedestal of perfection that they could never meet. You acknowledge your expectations were wrong and you readjust your view of the person and the relationship continues to grow.

I am only 41, old enough to know some things (No longer green) but not old enough to claim all wisdom in matters of life. But I think my answer to my own question may have some validity.

When I look back at my life (Choices, behaviors and relationships) and reflect on the stories friends, family and co-workers have shared with me I have to believe that we are to hard on ourselves, we expect to much of ourselves and in turn expect to much of others.

When I think of perfect I think of God and yet scripture says Jesus did not view equality with God to be something to grasp for. What? Wait! Jesus is God in Flesh and he didn't think equality with God was something to be grasp? Maybe he was on to something. Why do we even think we can be perfect? Why do we expect everyone else to be perfect, to make no mistakes?

When I write this you must know that I myself struggle with this very thing. As I meet more people and listen to their stories I find that my need for all things perfect and orderly is not just exclusive to myself. If God, who created us sees us as good why is that not enough for us? Can we learn to see ourselves as good people? Can we learn to see others as good people?

1 Timothy 4: 4 -5 says:

For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving, because it is consecrated by the word of God and prayer. (Word is synonymous with Jesus here)

I hear a lot of talk about how God will destroy creation if we do not return to biblical teachings and principles. What I am fairly certain of is if we continue to relentlessly place expectations upon ourselves and others then we will destroy ourselves. God want need to do a thing.

Maybe that is why God came not as a wrath filled, vengeful god but as a child born to poverty and with a message of unconditional love. Maybe?

If the problem is that we are trying to be perfect when it is impossible then I think we need to look at ourselves through the eyes of our Savior and those around us through his eyes as well.