Thursday, March 6, 2014

When your heart is in Ukraine

In 1996 I had the opportunity to go on my first overseas trip. A group of 9 NC college students along with 2 leaders spent two weeks in Ukraine, just west of the Capital Kiev, to help a community build a church.

Since the unrest began last year my heart has been with the people. I rejoiced when an interim president was appointed, and selfishly that he was a Baptist, but again my heart is filled with concern as Russia has made its presence known in one part of the country. Even though this trip was 18 years ago the people I met flood my mind.

I write this post to show you why my heart is in Ukraine at this time.








I was there for only two weeks but those people became family. It was as if we had always known each other. I changed during those two weeks. I learned what it meant to receive even though I went with the intent to give. I learned of unconditional love, kindness, hospitality towards strangers and love of neighbor. I came back vowing to live as I had witness the Ukrainian people live in hopes I could make a small difference where I lived.
Would you please join me in praying for the Ukrainian people? Pray for dialogue, cooperation and for peace. Thank you.
*A note to my co-workers at HopeTree Family Services* - I have my photo album in my office. I would love to show you the photos, tell you about the people and about my time there. Just email me or leave a message on my voicemail.

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