Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I can't give up

       Many times I come close to giving up hope for humanity but I just can't. I can't because the Lord resides in me and God just won't let me give up hope. But oh as I get older the harder it becomes. When adults hurt or exploit children or when adults become uncivil with one another I get just a  little more bitter and a little more pessimistic. That's when I pray. I am afraid that if I give up hope I will become one of those uncivil adults or worse and my desire to love people who desperately need it comes back full force. As much as society angers me I remember the phrase:


Hurt people are the ones that need the most love and I chose to love rather than hurt.

If you find yourself in this place of hopelessness listen to the song below. May it give you renewed hope as it has for me lately.