Monday, March 16, 2015

I went to church

I must qualify the title. Yesterday, I got up, ate breakfast dressed for church (or worship) and went to the church that I am a member of. Service was great. (I say this because I have a habit of picking apart a service and naming all the things wrong with it. Yes, I am a perfectionist)

But when I say, "I went to church," in the title I am referring to my experience at a Roanoke city restaurant, following service. Allow me to share it with you now.

Church at Thelma's Chicken and Waffles

Thelma's Chicken and Waffles is my favorite Roanoke restaurant, amazing good ol' Southern food. As I was waiting for my food I observed the host seating a man at a table near me. The man had a torn t-shirt underneath a suit coat that had a silk flower on the lapel. It is unclear to me if he was homeless but with some slightly unkempt hair I discerned that this man struggled from the basic necessities of life. 

He never ordered from the menu, but my server, brought him two plates full of food. As I ate I continued to observe the man and his interactions with the server. As he ate he placed a $1 bill and a handful of change on the table. During one encounter with the server he said to her, "It's all I got but I want you to have it," and he gave the the $1 bill and change on the table. 

As this went on a feeling of hopefulness came over me but also an awareness. The interaction between the man and his server was the epitome of church. The church is not a building with four walls. Church is not something we go to it is something we do. When we love our neighbor, see their need and meet that need we are being the church.

I don't know if that server is a Christian or not but it really doesn't natter. We are not called to wear a label signifying our faith. What we are called too is to be in relationship with our neighbor. Thelma's Chicken and Waffles' reminded me of that and I wanted to continue that reminder to you as well.