Monday, November 9, 2015


Let me just state that I am one of those Christians that prefers to hold off on Christmas till after Thanksgiving. I have several reasons for this, one being that in the church calendar Advent does not begin till after Thanksgiving in America, but lately one reason keeps surfacing. We as Americans could use a lesson on giving thanks.

When I look at my facebook feed I do see my friends who post something they are thankful for every day but I also see a lot of people complaining about things many would call "First world problems."

While children continue to die in our country, daily, by gun fire people are upset over a red cup.

It is easy, at least for me, to let things upset me. It takes practice to learn how to be thankful. I, personally, have found it helpful to have a gratitude journal. Each night before going to bed I write in my journal all the things I am thankful for that happened in the day. I have found ti changes my perspective and when life throws me lemons I am able to make lemonade and keep on moving.

Will you join me? Will you engage in the practice of giving thanks? Try it out a gratitude journal and let me know how it helps you.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post today. God Bless!

* What am I thankful for?

1 - for 43 years of life

2 - my ministry at HopeTree Family Services

3 - for rain