Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ordinary moment

Ordinary is defined as not being special and having no distinctive features. Today I want to share with you an ordinary moment  I experienced yesterday, and in fact, I experience every week. I will warn you now. You may find this boring. So why do it? This is the prompt for the 2nd day of 25 days of writing, to write about an ordinary moment I had yesterday

Every Tuesday of each week I drive to Craig County, VA from Salem, VA as a part of my job. I drive one way to my location and drive back another way. AS is my custom, on the way to Craig County I stop at the Dollar General on 220 just before I turn onto 606 (or 605) can't remember. I just know how to get there. Don't pay attention to street names or number. AT the Dollar General I buy a Fanta Orange and a pack of Hostess cupcakes. It's my afternoon snack.

What was your ordinary moment yesterday? Is a regular occuring moment?