Thursday, May 23, 2013

An exorcism.....(Or is it?)

I don't believe in exorcisms you see in movies but I do believe in a creative force I call God. I believe God is still creating, it is not limited to the book of Genesis. One way God still creates is through the gift of dance people in our world have.

Watch the video below then read my thoughts on what I glean this dance to be and then share your thoughts as well.

I give you the creation story in dance form. Go with me there for a moment.
The child is the Creator here and the parents represent all that God created:

The day and night 
The sun and moon 
The dry land and the ocean 
The land animals and sea animals 
And then humanity. 

And lastly but most important; the parents kissing their child. 
I see that as Adam and Eve's worship to God. 

What do you see? Please share!