Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Batman & Syria

Since the announcement last week that Ben Affleck would be playing the role of Batman people have been up in arms. One petition to have him NOT play Batman man has acquired over 70,000 signatures. There is even a petition to the White House asking for Ben Affleck to be removed as the actor for Batman.

All the why men, women and children are dying daily in Syria. To date they estimate that over 100,000 people have died in the two years this war has gone on. Where are the cries of outrage at this atrocity? Why is there no anger or disgust over the lives that are no longer here, that have died far to soon.
Seems to me that things are backwards in our country right now and it troubles me greatly. If we can only be upset that an actor is cast into a role with don't agree with rather than the lives that are dying needlessly then we may need to step outside of ourselves and think more of our neighbor rather than our own needs and desires.