Friday, August 16, 2013

Far from home. Oh the difficulty

I don't technically live that far from home. If I drive to where my parents live it is 3 hours or if I drive to my mom's childhood home; just over 3 hours. None the less it is the farthest I have ever lived from home. While I love living in Virginia, in the Roanoke Valley it can be hard at times, times when my father is sick and his heart and lungs don't want to cooperate. Like back in May and right at this moment. See, my immediate family is very close. Whenever someone is in the hospital we are all there. We are one of those families that asks lots of questions and probably annoy hospital staff. But we do it because we care for each other and love each other.

This is what makes living away from my family so difficult. Being in close physical proximity to my family helps lighten the burden of stress and grief. I can call my mom or my sister, and I have already today, 2x, and it helps but it doesn't fill that need to be with them.

It is difficult. It is just difficult.

(On a side note, my father is doing better and should go home tonight)