Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Future with Hope

Today I write as myself, NOT Adele the minister, NOT Adele the Christian, but the Adele who seeks to find hope in this world but struggles after all she has witnessed and experienced in her life.

Last week God helped me to see a glimmer of hope for the future. For almost 4 weeks now I have been leading a Back 2 School bible study with some of my youth. Last week we looked at "Sharing God's Love." In the Discussion portion of the study we had three scenarios to discuss how we would show God's love. The two we discussed were:

                     1. Will is a 16-year-old high-school dropout. He often smells of cigarette
                         smoke, wears tattered and torn clothes. Will doesn’t know where he fits
                         in at church.

                    2. Ben openly tells other youth that he is bisexual. He is bullied because of this.

The responses to each scenario included: talking to the person, inviting them to hang out, standing up for them, telling them it is okay to be who you are. One person even added that you might have to change yourself if you are the one that is being the bully.

The age range in this group of youth is 14 - 17. Listening to these responses gave me hope in the midst of the world I live in. My prayer is that this small group of youth is a reflection of the youth that make up this world and that the hate that persist in this world will start to die as this generation gets older and the love and compassion that was demonstrated in this group will become more and more the norm and way of life for all.