Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Value of a Life

If you are a regular watcher of CBS Evening News: On the Road segment then you have probably seen the video below. I still hope you will read this post.

It is not often that movies or stories make me cry, but this story touched me where God's love always breaks me. (In a good way) You see, I have successfully managed to build a wall just thick/thin, (depending on how you describe it) enough to be moved by a persons story but not show any sign of weakness. As a minister, chaplain, pastoral counselor this can be healthy but also unhealthy when I lose touch with the people around me. But no worries, God always brings me back to reality where humanity is undeniable and I am changed in that moment. The story of Woody Davis is one that has changed me.

The part in the story that caught Steve Hartman by surprise is the same part that caught me too. It blew my mind that this man, Woody Davis was blessed that he was dying slowly. "Really, it is a blessing to die slowly?" Well, in this case it was. But what overloaded my emotional system was the obvious, apparent and overwhelming love of God that was on a pine box in the form of signatures. God's love can be found in signatures.

Most people don't have the same benefit Woody had in seeing how much people loved him before he died. While our families and friends are still living we should show our love now before they die. Let us show others the value of their life before they die. Just like the town of Corbett, Oregon did for Woody before he died.