Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Exodus Road

To the followers of my blog, I am excited to tell that I have now been added to a list of bloggers who will right on behalf of an organization called, The Exodus Road. The Exodus Road works in the trenches of South East Asia to rescue girls from the trafficking industry.

Once a month I will post on the topic of human trafficking. The focus will vary but will include either a story and/or how you can get involved to help stop the tragedy of human trafficking.

Most of you know my passion when it comes to the issue of Human trafficking. Take time to read here.

I am excited that I can be a voice to those who have no voice and educate others on this travesty and how we can together end this atrocity.

And while you are at your computer, go check out their website and see the results of their work and how you can help support it. The Exodus Road