Thursday, December 19, 2013

On Ducks and the Bible

I am guest blogging today on We Occupy Jesus

There is no shortage of opinions out there on the Duck Dynasty Saga and Phil Robertson's thoughts on sin, race and faith and yours truly needed to weigh in. I know some of my co-workers are nodding there head yes to this. I decided to post my response at We Occupy Jesus as well as a fellow blogger. We come at it with different approaches but I think we can all learn something from each post. The excerpts below are hyperlinked so just click on them and you will be taken to the full posts. Leave your thoughts on the posts and let's have a conversation. 

From Biblical Principles

What happened next is so deafening I am astonished that Christians forget it. Every last scribe and Pharisee that brought the woman to Jesus, 
(To be condemned) walked away empty handed and the woman still alive.

From the Duck Dynasty Fiasco